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Ugly Adventures #1510 - Please Workies


"Please workies, please workies"

Shhhh, if you wants to knows what is goings on you has to be super quiets as I can't lets Baz knows what I is ups to.

This mornings Cinko cames into my bedsroomer and wakereds me up, he seemereds a littlers bit concerneds about somethings.  It turnereds out that he was widers awake in the middlers of the nights and decidereds to goes into Baz's officers area and fires up the biggers computers (which we has been warneds not to does previouslies!).

It all starteds out withouts any issuers, with Cinko searcherings the interwebs for the tastiesters recipe for cookies in alls the unimaverse, and thens something weirders happeneds.

Cinko findereds a recipes for "space cookies" and decidereds to downloaders it, and it makereds the computer goes completely mentallers on him.

By the times I gets on the case with my IT skillers alls of the backers catamalogue of Baz's photomagraphs were inaccessiblers, and they is the mains reasoner that we isn't allowereds to touchers his biggers computers in the firsters place, as he has alls of his professionals workies storeds on there.

I is currentlies runnerings scripties on the dos prompter, fingers crossereds it workies and makers all the photomagraphers comes back to lifes.

So, anyways, now you knows what I is ups to, maybies you can chanters alongs with me to makes the biggers computers do what I wanters it to!

"Please workies, please workies"

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