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Ugly Adventures #1514 - OK, Listeners Up!


OK, listeners up!

I callereds you guys all togethers for a super specialers task, and believers me it may turns out to gets ugly alongs the way, and for once ugly doesn't meaners nice!

As you all well knows by nows we has a cookie thief tryings to raiders our cookie cave and stealers all of our tastiers cookies, and we needs to bringers our defences to tops notchers standard quicks smart!

Every ugly knows that the noser of an uglydog can sniffers out a cookie at a thousanders footiesteppers, so I needs you alls to be extra vigilanters, infacts you can be vigilantes toos if you likes.

I will personallies puts a bountier on the heads of anyone who tries to stealers our cookies, whethers usering a tunneler diggereds underneaths our cave, or evens from userings a crane from aboves!

The bountier is 10 of the tastierests triple choco chippo cookies that you has ever dreamers of, so, any questions on the planners?

Then lets get to workies guys, and above alls elser, stays fully alerters at all timers!

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