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Ugly Adventures #1524 - "Bottom Right"


As far backs as I can possiblies remember, my gooders friendly Cinko has always dreamereds of beings a toppers league goalkeeperer for a biggerers footballerings team.

Unfortunatelies there is one biggers problemer that may justs preventers his dreamies becomerings realities, the simpler fact is that he justs isn't any good at being a goalkeeperer at alls!

Whenever I is at homes, Cinko inviters me out on the balcony of the cookie cave to plays some "ones on ones", but evens when I shouters at him where I is plannering to kickers to the ball he still goes the others way.

Sometimes I thinks the poorers guy is one crumble shorts of a cookie, but I can't poppers his dreamies of makerings it to the bigtimes, so I just keepers helpering with his practicers!

"Bottom right...", oh, nots again!

"Gooders try, you almosts gettereds it that timer!"

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