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Ugly Adventures #1529 - Clubbings


In my youngerer years you would finders me every Fridays and Saturdays nighter jumperings around likes a complete mentaller at the biggerers night clubbers in alls of Uglyworld, such as "Cookie Chef Babo's Hangout" or the wonderfuls "Biscuiter Factory" which had themereds couches and stuffs everywhere to makes you thinkers you was actuallies in a biscuiter factory, ingeniousers if you askers me!

Anyways, now that I has growereds up a littlers bit and getters a littlers bit more sensimable in my olders age I has decidereds to swappers one former of clubbings for anothers.  

Checkers out my newers clubbings card which arrivereds from my gooders buddies over at "Le club Accor", they tellereds me that I was super mega coolers the lasts timer I was in France and that they thinkereds I deservereds a clubbings card alls for myself, and how could I refusers!

I wonders if it will entitlers me to some free cookies during my nexts stay?

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