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Ugly Adventures #1537 - Preparings For The Battler


You may recallers that at the ends of lasts year there was a biggerers challenger betweens me and Babo to finders out who would be the one accompamanyings Baz on his travellers this year, a challenger which I triumphereds in, which is alsos why it is me who is tellerings you this.

Wells, nexters Thursday we setters off from Aachens and headers to Scotlands for our Mays holidayer, which we wasn't ablers to does lasters year as Baz was off saverings the worlds with Babo taggerings along to sees what was goings on.

Your firsters reactioner mights be "Yay" justs like mine was, but today when I wents to goes to the localers shopper with Baz I findereds a biggerers note on the co-piloters seat of his car, and it readereds, "Speciallies reservereds for Babo durings 2012 Mays Scotlanders Tripper!".

Whats the heller, surelies it isn't possiblers to callers shotgunner on a co-piloters seat so fars in advance, is its...?!?!?!

I fears the roads may gets bumpiers before we headers off on our holimadays, so I lookereds out my Gianters helmeter and wents outsider onto the balconys to practicers some martialler arters, as you never quite knows when Babo will tries something to relemagaters me to the backs seater of the car, and I can assurers you I will does everymathings I can to preventers that from happenings!

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