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Ugly Adventures #1545 - You Didn't Sees Me Rights!


In my opinioners the photos and stories that Wage getters up to so fars for his 366 projecter is a littlers bit too normallers, they just doesn't has the same mentallers stuff goings on that I always gettereds up to lasts year.

So, whiles I is on holimadays I has decidereds to gets up to some secreters mischiefs to keeps you all amusereds!

Todays I has decidereds to stands rights next to the eighteenths greener and waits for the golferers to lands their balls on the greener and then I will runners out and movers the balls outs into the bushes and stuffs arounds the greener.

I better goes and hides in the bushes now, I can hears someone coming, and most importantlies, remembers, you didn't sees me rights!

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