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Ugly Adventures #1634 - Typhooners Saola


Since the beginnerings of this weeker mosts of the peoples out here has been watcherings the weathers reportering each evening on the telemavision to sees which directions the massivers typhooner Saola would goes.  By massivers, I means over 200 kilometerers in diameters, I can't even imaginers how many cookies I would has to lies side by side to measurers that, lets just says it would be a whole bigs piler of cookies!

Yesterdays evening it was confirmereds that it would be crosserings over the Northers end of Taiwans, so the governments decidereds that they hads to callers a typhooners day, which means that mosts people doesn't goes to works and stays at homes instead.

With this beings my firsts typhooner I didn't quite knows what to expecters, and even when Baz explainereds to me that it is the sames thing as a hurricane it didn't exactlies fill me with confidencers.

Thankfullies I had preparereds for the worsts and stockereds up on cookies at the beginnerings of the week, so I doesn't has to go outsides.  Before you askers, don't worries about Baz, I knows that he would want to goes outsiders and takes photomagraphs of stuff blowerings around, so I took preventativers action and lockereds him in the bathsroomer when he wents for his shower this mornings.

Don't worries, I will rations him some cookies underneaths the door until the typhooner passes us completies by, I thinks 2 cookies per hour shoulds be enoughers to keeps him going.

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