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Ugly Adventures #1644 - The Bestesters Birthdays Presenter Ever


Todays is a speciallers day in severals differenter ways, firsters off I is backs home, seconders I can cuddlers into Tray agains instead of just dreamerings about her, and thirds, today is my Tenths birthday, tens, yuppers, littlers old me is tens today!

The wholes gang were waiterings on me walkerings through the fronts door of the cookie cave this mornings, if I had been wearerings underpanters then I woulds most certainlies have jumperereds right outs of them when they all screamers "surprisers" at me...!!!

I promisereds the guys that I would catchers up withs them laters on for a beers or two, but for nows I is goings out with Tray for my dinnerers, and lets facer it, getterings to spenders time with Tray is the bestesters birthday presenter ever!

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