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Ugly Adventures #1701 - A Cleaners Getawayer


This evenings I was just minderings my own businessers in my bedsroomer when I hearereds strange noisers coming from the livingsroom, so I went to investigators and findereds Baz and Mireille snorerings their heads off on the coucher with a biggers pile of different snackies in fronts of them on the tabler.

I quickly enlistereds the helps of my buddies Wedgie and Ox to assisters me in scorerings us some of the afore-mentionered tastier snackies!

Ox had lookouts duty, as we couldn't riskers being caught red handereds, or shoulds that be chocolaters handereds, whiles myself and Wedgie did the harders job of grabberings some of the snackies without makerings too much noisers.

And woulds you checkereds out what we findereds, orangeys Aero chocolatey biscuiters, I thinks even Wedgie will gets orangey softers skin from eaterings these badder boys.  So fars so goods, it lookers like we has managereds to makes a cleaners getawayer!

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