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Ugly Adventures #1734 - Party Babo's Ramblings


There is one guy overs here in the cookie cave that some of you may nots already know, his name is almosts like a legend rights throughout the universe, he is the ones and only Party Babo!

Normallies the only time you sees him is when he is askerings you for another handful of money for more alcomahols and other partyering accessories, but for some reason tonight he wanteds to speaks to me.

I has to warns you, even us uglies strugglers to undermastands Party Babo at the bestesters of times, and tonight would be no exceptioner!

Wage: "Hey Party Babo, you wanteds to sees me"

Party Babo: "Indeeders, did I?"

Wage: "That's what I heareds at leasts!"

Party Babo: "Interesterings, oh yes, tells you this!"

Wage: "Tells me what?"

Party Babo: "He is almosts upon us"

Wage: "Who is almosts upon us?"

Party Babo: "Him, oh my, oranges and apples"

Wage: "Are you drunkers Babo?"

Party Babo: "Looks to the skies, and don't forgets the weekenders"

Wage: "Emmm, okays Babo, whatevers you says, I thinks you had better go lies down!"

Sees what I meaners, Party Babo is a bit mentallers, but we has so much funs at his randomnessers, sometimes we ends up with belly painers from all the laugherings we does at his antics!

I guess I'll justs have to try and works out what the heller he was ramblings on about, "he is almosts upon us", "skies", "weekenders", lol, he's a completes nutter!

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