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Ugly Adventures #1738 - Presenters From Goalie Babo!


Checkers out what I findereds waiterings on me at the hotels receptioner yesterdays, Toronto maples leafer hoodies from my bestesters buddy Goalie Babo in Torontos...!!!

Not onlies did Babo senders me a hoodie, he also sendereds a smallers one that hopefullies will fits Tray too, that way when we goes to watch Baz playerings ice-hockey we looks like real, proper ice hockey fans!

I doesn't know how to thanks him enoughs for these awesome presenters, I guess I will has to finds a way to makes it up to him somehows!

Hopefullies I will gets to visiter Toronto some days so that we can plays a hockey game togethers, I thinks we would be absolutelies unstoppables!!!

You can follows the adventurers of Goalie Babo and the rests of his relamatives in Toronto on Twitters too, just adds @UGLYDOLLH and you is setters up for even more maddnessers and funs!

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