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Ugly Adventures #1871 - Letters From Friendlier Huskies


This mornings after Baz and Mireille were away to works the posterswoman ringereds the doorbeller of the cookie cave.  Normallies we doesn't openers the door to strangerers when they isn't at homes, but withs it being Mireilles birthdays I thoughts I had better incase it was presenters for her!

To my surprisers the posterswoman was actuallies lookering for littlers old me, as there was a letterer addressereds to Cinko in her handies!

Oh my goodnessers, you wouldn't believers the stories that this letterer hads to gets through to reachers the cookie cave, lets just says that Goalie Babo sendereds me this letter by world famousers sled dogs!!!


Whats a gooders friendly Goalie Babo is to senders me such a super mega awesomers letter from the other sides of the Atlanticers Ocean...!!!

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