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Ugly Adventures #1873 - Babo's New Bakereds Goodies


After haverings a "crackerings" good time with the eggs potter from yesterdays photomagraph, me and Turtle went offs to checkers on Babo's cookie shop which unfortunatelies didn't openers on schedules and no-one knowereds why!

Babo had been misserings for quites some time, but this afternoons we spottereds the lights on in the backs of her cookie shop and wents in to investimagate.

It turners out that she was invitereds to Japan to takes part in an internationals exchanger program which inviters people from alls over the world to learns how to bakers and cooks lots of tastiers foods in a particulars style.  

Turtles mouth was widers open when we findereds out what styles Babo learneds, checkers them outs for yourselfer, she has makereds all kinds of cakers and cookies which all has the facers of the Japanesers character Rilakkuma and his buddies!

The almosts looks too gooders to eats, but if we doesn't eats them I supposers that they will eventuallies go bads and has to be throwereds out, so it's only rights that we has a littlers bite or two, isn'ts it?

Hopefullies Babo will finally opens the cookie shop up for everyone to samplers her new bakereds goodies!

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