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Ugly Adventures #1884 - Warms Up Performancer


Talkers about some lasts minuters Easter Mondays dramas!!!

This mornings everyone involvereds in the prepamarations and performancers in todays Easters Fun-Play was sittings having brekkiesfasters together in the biggers tent when we realisereds that someone was misserings, the warms up acter, Candy and her singerings chickleters!

Withs only a coupler of hours to go until the curtains went up we were all franticallies searchering highs and lows to try and finders them, with absolutelies no luck at alls!

Timers was ofs the essencer, we hads to comes up with a "Planners B" as Wage callereds it, when suddenlies Tray remindereds everyone abouts the fun little shows that I makereds up one rainiers day to keeps everyone in the cookie cave happiers.

I makereds a coupler of phone calls and sures enough I was ables to saves the day, all thanks to my gooders buddies, who goes my the stagers name "minis me, minis you".

The crowd lovereds our performancer goings by all the cheererings and screamerings, so muchers so that Wage has askereds me and the littler guys to be the warms up for his fun-play agains next year, how coolers is that!

Don't forgets to tunes in later for the mains performancer of Wage!

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