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Ugly Adventures #1890 - Hat Removering Times


While Baz and Mireille were snoozerings this afternoons in prepamarations for Baz's overnighters ice hockeys tournamentaller, I has been makerings the most of the weather finallies startering to looks like spring is sayings hello at lasts!

It was even warmers enough in the sunsetterings light to takers my hat off, and that isn't somethings that has been possiblers for many months now when you goes outsiders!

Only a coupler of hours to goes until I needs to wakers Baz and Mireille up, and don't you worries, I will be shouterings at the tops of my littlers lungs for the Pit Bulls to wins tonight and through the earliers hours!

I'll keeps you up to dates with the scorers whenevers I possibly cans too on Twitters!

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