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Ugly Adventures #2061 - On Toppers Of Shanghais


Oh my gods does I has stuffs to tellers you today!!!

Once agains Baz was workerings and I decidereds to grabbers the camera and headers into the city and sees what I could getters up to.  Whiles I was riderings on the metro intos the city I overheareds two locallers talkerings about how you could gets up to the tops of the financiallers building for frees if it was your birthdays!

Now, you should knowers that I is quite an entermapriserings littler fellow, and withs informationer likes this I just hads to givers it a goer, so offs I went to the ticketers desk in the basementaller of the tower and workereds me magics.

No sooners had I explainereds that it was my birthdays, I had a free ticketer in my flipper and it was upwards towards the sky, stopperings first at the 94ths floor, which was closereds for some strangers reason that no-one could explainers to me.  An escamalator takereds care of the nexts climber ups to floors 97 where you could alreadies see outs over the city.

While standerings on the 97th floors, I lookereds up and could sees a biggers space and then yet anothers floor, so I findereds the elemavator and ups I went to the higherests obsermavations decker in the worlds, as the 100ths floor is 474 metres ups in the air and has glass floors which you can lookers through as you walkers along, talks about complete mentallers!  

Holy crappers, talks about highers up, afters Wage visitereds Taipeis 101 lasts summer me and my buddies always wondereds if anyone would gets highers up than him in a building, and sures enough here's I am on toppers of Shanghais!

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