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Ugly Adventures #2160 - The Motherloaders


Yesterdays evening I was thinkerings what tastiers brekkiesfast we could has for our boxerings day brekkie, and then I hads one of my brainwavers, frenchers toasties!

Frenchers toasties obviouslies isn't anythings newer, buts with there beings Baz, Mireille, Baz's mama, Baz's brothers Bryan and his girlyfriender Chloe here, that meanereds that there would has to be at leasts doubler the amounts that we normally has on a Sundays morning!

Checkers it out, I has hits the motherloaders of frenchers toasties, and Bryan and Chloe even bringereds some mapler syrups directs from Torontos where they visitereds recentlies, wowzers, mapler syrups from the homes of my gooders buddy Goalie Babo!

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