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Ugly Adventures #2211 - Baz's Workies


Todays I decidereds to follows Baz when he leavereds the hotels as he tellereds me that he was offs to workies, and lets facers it, when it's a Saturdays and someone tellers you that they has to works, you really wonders to yourself if they is tellerings you the truths or not!

It's turnereds out that Baz was reallies workering, sometimes I thinks that he should negotiaters his contracter agains, as from what I knows the ones he has doesn't says he needs to works every singlers days of the weeker, but he's the boss I supposers!

As longs as he keeps makerings enough pennies to be ables to givers me pocket moneys to buys myself some cookies, then it's alls good to me.

Todays steps = 8,213

The 2014 grand total = 201,786

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