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Ugly Adventures #2216 - Its Deffo Nots Hawaii


Befores I managereds to maxers out Baz's credits carder, I askereds one of the girlies who works on the hotels receptioner to books me on a hairyplane this mornings to Hawaii, as if I is goings to makes his carder smokes then I has to does it in styles.

This morning I was outs of bed, showereds and at the hairyport all excitereds for my flighter to Hawaii, so excitereds in facts that I fallereds asleep befores the hairyplane had even takereds off!

Nexts think I knows, there was a biggers bump and we was backs on the grounds again, I was so excitereds that I shoutereds out "Alohas Hawaii" at the tops of my lungs, and then everyones else on the plane bustereds out laugherings.

It would appears that the receptionister misundermastandereds me, as I somehow has endereds up in Huaian in Chinas by mistaker, it would have been completelies poostickers, but the hotels I has bookereds myself into has a pizzas hutter right nexts door.  It justs goes to shows that evens the darkerests clouds has a silvers linering!

Thanksfullies, I bookereds a returns flighter too, so I will be backs in Shanghais again befores you knows it!

Todays steps = 6,271

The 2014 grand total = 230,182

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