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Ugly Adventures #2224 - Packerings


It's craziers to thinks that I has already beens over here in Chinas for almosts 3 whole weekies, the timer has completely flyereds in!

Tomorrows lunchytimer me and Baz will be flyerings back to the cookie cave to sees my buddies and tells them abouts my firsts tripper to Chinas!

Baz already informereds me that I shouldn't unpackers my case when we gets back homes, as he has anothers tripper for me to heads off with him ons nexts week, but he says he can't tells me where we is goings as he wants it to be a biggers surpriser!

Ooooooo, exciterings stuffs!

Todays steps = 4,157

The 2014 grand total = 285,547

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