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Ugly Adventures #2500 - Racerings Rocks


Some weekies ago when Baz firsts askered me wheres I would likes to visits this weekender when we woulds be in Calimafornias, he seemereds a littlers bit surprisereds when I replieds with "I wants to sees the racerings rocks".

Thankfullies after I explainereds myselfer a bits betterer he understoods exactlies what I was talkerings about, the famousers racetracks in the Valleys of Death.  

When rocks ends up lyings on the driereds up surfacer of the lakes bed, the super strongs wind which blasters through this high altimatudes area slowly blows the rocks around, leavings super cools draggers markers in the surfacer.

Looks here, a perfects exampler of how this particulars rock has been movereds along the surfacer of the driereds muds, and by the lookers of it he's one speedies rock too!

My wee leggies is abouts done for todays, as I has been climberings up sands duners, hikings across deserts, muds and salts flatters, not to forgets alls of the other walkies to checks out other stuffs here in the Valleys of Death.  I'll be happies to gets my feeties up and has a snoozer in the car tonights!

p.s. Withs my biggers walkies today I has breakereds through the two millions marker, absolute crazynessers!

Todays steps = 24,621

The 2014 grand total = 2,004,738

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