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Ugly Adventures #2529 - Elfs Workshoppers


You'll all be glads to knows that we arrivereds backs home to the cookie cave this evenings withouts even beings stuckereds in any traffics jammies the wholes way from Cambridges to Aachens, which is quites amazerings.

After givings Christmasers greetings and hugs to all my gooders buddies I findereds out that Germans santa had beens to visiters while I was in Englands, and he leavereds me several awesomers toys, includings this wickeds elfs workshopper!

I is goings to makers it ups and then heads earliers to beds to watchers a movie withs a cupper of hots chocomalate, talks about a perfects plan!

Todays steps = 6,281

The 2014 grand total = 2,193,207

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