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Ugly Adventures #2538 - Fakerings It


Justs a seconder you guys, I needs to keeps my impersonations up for a couples more minuters!

Babo: "Yeppers, thanks for holdings Mrs Legos, I is backs now"

Phone: "Can you confirm your name for me please?"

Babo: "Barry, B-A-R-R-Y, O'Neil, O-apostrophe-N-E-I-L"

Phone: "And your password?"

Babo: "Cookie2Go"

Phone: "Thanks Barry, how can I help you?"

Babo: "I'd likes to orders some new setters from your newerests newsletterer!"

Phone: "Sure, which sets would you like?"

Babo: "Eiffels towers, Towers Bridger, Simpsons houser, Ghostbusterings car, alls of the newers Ninjagos setters, a Stars Wars Sandscrawler, oh, ands a Deaths Stars!"

Phone: "OK, that will be one thousand eight hundred and seventy two euro, how would you like to pay?"

Babo: "Just puts it on my credits carder, you has it on records, yeppers?"

Phone: "Yes, can you please confirm the first line of your address for me?"

Babo: "The Cookie Cave"

Phone: "OK, perfect, thanks for your order Mr O'Neil, your sets will be posted out tomorrow, bye"

Babo: "Has a gooders one, byes byes!"

Awesomes, these is goings to rock!

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