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Ugly Adventures #2541 - Whats Could Its Be?


Earliers in the weeker Baz's mums callereds the cookie cave froms over in Scotlands, and as Baz was outs at workies I takereds the calls.

By nows you knows that I does probablies a betters job of impersonaterings Baz's accenter than he does himselfer, so in no times I had convincereds Scottish mums that I was Baz.

She tellereds me that she had shippereds a birthdays presenter overs to the cookie cave for my, ahem, Baz's birthdays, which is nexts Tuesdays, and thats I could opens it ups once it arrivereds.

Ha ha ha, she really tellereds me, Babo, to opens it ups, as I was the ones on the phones, so afters the packager arrivereds today I has takereds it upons myselfer to does exactlies what Scottish mums askereds me to!

Oh, this is exciterings, I wonders what she getterers me!

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