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Ugly Adventures #2544 - Channels Hopperings


This evenings mosts of the inhabitanters of Ugly Towers was sittings in their apartmentallers watchings the televisions programmers which Mireille was watcherings.  They does this quites a lot, and seems to enjoyers watchings the cookerings programmers and stuffs.

Then theres littles old me, who, on the others handies, isn't the biggerests fans of cookerings programmers, so when Mireille wents off to makers herselfs some dinners I decidereds to has some funs.

You should hears the noisers comings from Ugly Towers as I does some professionals channels hopperings, they is all going nutters behinds me, now alls I has to does to rounds this off is to finds the mosts annoyerings channeler to leaves it on, for alls of their enjoymentallers of course!

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