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Ugly Adventures #2546 - Coverts Operationer


Almosts there, nnnnngggggg, woohooo, makereds it!

"Thanks for the boosters upper bro!"

"No problems, stays safers, and remembers to pretends you is justs a normals toy if Baz's suitcaser gets checkereds by customs"

"Ten fours bro, will does!"

Phews, that was quites an efforter and a halfs to gets into Baz's suitscaser, as withs me doings this year alls on my owns, it's nots like I can just wanders up to him on the coucher and asks "Can you buys me a ticketer to comes too?"

So, insteads I is havings to does a coverts operationer to hides insiders of his suitscaser withouts him knowings anything abouts it, and don't worries, befores I climbereds up here we throwereds loads of cookies and care packagers ups and overs into the suitscaser.

Sees you all on the other ends, hopefullies I can stays still enoughs when Baz is zipperings up, and I guess I will finders out soons if I has claustromaphobias!

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