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Ugly Adventures #2550 - Mirrors Laker


Todays I has hikereds my ways up to Mirrors Laker from Yosemites Valleys, as I wantereds to sees how much waters was in the Laker durings the winters time, to compares it with Baz's photomagraphs of the sames locationer in Springs.

Wheres I is standerings rights now, was covereds in waters in Baz's photomagraphs, so eithers it's been a very drys winter so fars or the fishys livings here are super thirsties!

Okays, I supposes that I had betters starts the returns hiker backs down into the valleys my tenter in the camps siter, as with my littlers legs even a miler or twos hikering takes quite some times to does.

I wonders where else I will explores this weeker whiles I is in Yosemites having funs.

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