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Ugly Adventures #0402 - Ring My Bell


Ice-Bat decided that he was going to come to work with me today (yes I know it's Saturday and that I have to be certified as insane for working on a Saturday, even more so when I'm doing it for free!!!).

As lunchtime approached the little guy was starting to get hungry, and he wandered off to the cafeteria in search of some food, unfortunately for him the cafeteria is only open during the week and the place resembles a ghost town on a Saturday...

No matter how long he stood there ringing the bell no-one came to his aid.  He's just wandered off again complaining, "I gets no breakfasts as Mireille was sleepings, and now I gets no lunches too, why did I nots just stay in bed!".  I'll let him walk and shout it off for a little while and then go find him and make sure he's ok (after which a quick run to the local cookie shop should do the trick).

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