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Ugly Adventures #0405 - Fresh & Minty In The Morning


This morning I was snapped out of my nice peaceful sleep by my mobile phone ringing, and with Mireille still snoozing I fell out of bed and stumbled my way over to answer it as quickly as possible to prevent it waking anyone else up.

I saw that it was actually a video call incoming and not a normal phone call, so I clicked the answer button and I had to take a second to make sure I wasn't seeing things, on the other end of the phone I could see some kind of Minty over in Hong Kong - I took a quick screen grab of the image so that I could prove to myself that I wasn't going mad later.

He hurriedly said, "Hi Baz, is Dark Minty here, I is making international video call so must be quick.  I hears that both of my cousins already live with you in Aachen - is it ok when I come to stay too?".

I really can't remember any more of the conversation than this as I was so tired, but I vaguely recall saying yes to him.  I told Mireille about the call this morning at breakfast and she was amazed that I even remember anything of the call as she doesn't even remember the phone ringing.

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