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Ugly Adventures #0414 - What Friends Are For


After Sebastian Vettel spun out of the Australian Grand Prix yesterday due to brake failure Choco was extremely down and spent almost the rest of Sunday locked away in his room.

This morning I enticed him downstairs for some breakfast (some nice crusty rolls with potato scone, fried egg and bacon, all topped off with some Heinz tomato ketchup), but after he had finished eating the waterworks started and seemed like they would never stop.

Babo grabbed Jeero, Cinko, Ox and a few of the small guys and together they huddled around Choco who had tears streaming down his face.  Cinko was first to speak, "Choco, you is the biggest of all us Uglies and even I who is the youngerest doesn't cry!".  Ox was next up, "Is ok big fella, we all knows that the mechanics from Red Bull will makes the car better for the Malaysian race next weekend!".  

Jeero predictably joined in with some rather pointless facts such as, "Oranges is the colour orange, who cools is that!", and then thankfully big Babo jumped in before Jeero made it any worse, "Choco, we is all your bestest friends here, and when one of us is sad then we all has to come together to make the sad one better, so I think it's time for us to all give you a big hug!".

It seems to have worked, Choco's now stopped crying and is already talking to Cinko and Ice-Bat about next weekends race, hopefully Sebastian can get a good finish to make sure the big guy stays happy.

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