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Ugly Adventures #0703 - DJ Domo Playing at the Cat Catcher Fundraiser


With Babo's plan for catching the pesky cat with Altoids looking like it was never going to work he turned his hand to another option which involved calling cousin Domo (the world renowned famous DJ) to come and spin some tunes in a "Cat Catcher" fundraiser.

Thankfully for Babo, Domo's schedule was clear through until the weekend so he jumped on a plane and flew in specially for the fundraiser.  The rest of the gang loved the music he was playing all night, and it turns out that Babo's cash raising plan has brought in enough cash to hire a "specials bounty hunters" whoever they are.

Supposedly the bounty hunter has already been contacted and will be arriving in town sometime tomorrow, I can't wait to see what all the money has paid for...and more importantly if this so called "bounty hunter" is any good at catching cats!

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