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Ugly Adventures #0711 - Relaxing in Devils Lake


Yesterday as we drove along the winding asphalt of Cascade Lakes Highway through Deschutes National Park Ice-Bat screamed at me to "stops the car rights now!".

What could I do other than stand on the brake pedal as hard as I possibly could as I had no idea what had got the little guy in such a tizzy.

As soon as the car had come to a halt and the dust had flown past the now stationary hirecar Icy opened the door and flew out and through some trees that lined the road.

By the time I had managed to lock the car up and track the little guy down, I found him lying on the surface of Devils Lake, and when he noticed me approaching he yelled out, "Come ons in, the water is nice and cooling, and looks how easy it is to floats!".

Unfortunately I had no change of clothes or towel with me and I think the other tourists would have been a bit taken aback had they seen a naked Scotsman floating in the lake, so I decided to leave it to Icy to have the fun this time.

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