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Ugly Adventures #0712 - Turtle at the 3 Sisters Mountains (for Turtle Time Magazine)


The editor over at Turtle Time Magazine back in Uglyworld had send an email via the intergalactic interweb about their latest magazine, which had an open slot for another story from the galaxy's most famous travelling turtle.

Thankfully Turtle had already anticipated the possibility of him getting to write another travel entry for the magazine and decided that this one would be centered around the great sights of the 3 Sisters which are located in the Southern half of the Cascades Mountain Range in Central Oregon.

Here's an excerpt from his writeup that the editor of Turtle Time allowed us to share:-

"...When you finds yourselfs in an area of wildernesses thats you simply didn't expects to find it's all too easys to crawls back into your shells (after alls we are turtles), but it's at times likes these that us Turtles must stays out of our shells, stands tall and soaks in the wonders of not onlys Uglyworld, but alsos the planet Earth and alls the other places we may visits in our lifetimes.

Takes the 3 Sisters Wildernesses area in Oregon as a prime examples, I expecteds to find snows and terrains which would be hards for me to hikes over and progress pasts, but when I dids get to such places did I retreats into the warmths of my shell, no way, I could nevers do this, as if I dids I wouldn't be able to brings such stunning stories and images to yous all..."

He's quite the journalist and I love his style of writing, in some ways he seems to remind me of myself - not quite sure why though...anyway, here's the shot I took of him with the 3 Sisters Range in the background to accompany his story in the magazine.

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