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Ugly Adventures #0726 - Get Well Soups


With Babo in charge of getting Trunko back on his feet again after the dose of sunstroke he suffered yesterday it meant me being ordered to do a supermarket run for the smart little blue guys list of stuff.

Top of the list was a tin of Campbell's tomato soup, then a few other things such as water, milk, cookies (of course they were on the list), and then at the bottom there was yet another entry for Campbell's tomato soup (this got me wondering why he didn't just put it once and add a x2 to show the quantity needing picked up).

When I returned to the hotel I quizzed Babo on that very subject, to which he replied, "Well you see's, is a very well knowns fact that tomato soups is good for getting you back on your feets, so goods in fact that back on our home planet we has a phrase 'Get well soup', which is a littles like your versions of 'Get well soon'.  Soups is an integral parts of our recovery mechanisms when we has been beaten ups by the wills of nature".

Babo started losing me at the home planet bit, but after getting him to repeat it again slowly it sort of made some more sense to me.  Thankfully the soup seems to be doing the trick and Trunko is starting to get rid of his wobbly legs and dizzyness, Babo reckons he'll be back to normal by tomorrow lunchtime (what the cookies are for).

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