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Ugly Adventures #0725 - Fun In The Sun


Today the temperature in Oregon has gone up and up to around the 100oF marker (~38oC for us Europeans), so the little guys have been out playing at the local park to make the most of the good weather while it lasts.

Babo lined them all up this morning and told them that "temperatures when they is this hots can be dangerouses, so you must alls remember to wears sun creams, and yes I says sun creams not custard creams".

Worried that they would end up staying out too long without taking a break I also made sure Babo added an additional rule to the days festivities, "You must all makes cookie promises that you will takes enough times in the shades too, as when you stays out in the suns too long then you gets sunstrokes, and that does not means the sun strokes you, it means you gets dizzy, you falls over and can even means you gets mad in the heads!".

Trunko seemed to be the only one who strayed beyond the line Babo laid down earlier, thankfully Doug was on hand to see him going cross-eyed and get him back to the hotel room for a few stern words from Babo and a recuperating lie down before it was too late.

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