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Ugly Adventures #0739 - Cinko at Mount Rainier


As we arrived at Sunrise Visitor Centre which is still only 6,400ft high, there were occasional glances of Mount Rainier's peak through the clouds.  Mount Rainier standing over twice as high makes you feel oh so small and insignificant as you stand staring at it's huge structure carved out by hundreds if not thousands of eruptions over the years gone by.

Cinko was amazed at the sheer scale of what lay in front of him, and instead of going inside for some lunch he opted to stay outside and just stare at the mountain (and when I add the fact that cookies were involved for lunch it shows you just how awesome the view was).

It wasn't the warmest of days with the temperature set to be around 50-55oF down at sea level on the outskirts of the national park, so Cinko was glad to have packed his jacket, especially when the clouds descended onto us at Sunrise Visitor Centre bringing with them some light rain and moisture.

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