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Ugly Adventures #1153 - Outers & Abouters


I had greats planners to goes and enjoyers the sunshinings besides the hotel swimmerings pool today, but unfortunatlies when I steppers out of the hotels room door the sun runnered aways and leavers loads of nasties black clouders aboves in the sky.

I had to changers my plan, so I decidered that if I was to wears my rainers jacketer then it would almost certainlies rainer, so I puts on my denims jacketer insteads in the hopes that it will stays dry at leasts.

Baz tellered me this mornings before he went offs to work that he has a super specials surpriser trip orgamanised for us this weekender if the weather stays gooders, so I has been prayering to the ugly weathers god all day so fars and you can expecters me to does so all evenings too!

Anyhow's, I is off to the locals starbuckers for some coffees and cakers now, so untils later I says cheerios.

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