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Ugly Adventures #1310 - Go, Go, Go!


I came ups with what I thinkereds was a mastersplanner today to gets ridder of my supposeds stunters doubler once and for alls.

Pictures the scener, we is outs explorings the Oregon countrysiders once agains, and I managers to sneaks my stunters doubler outside ontos the booter/trunkie of the hirescar, parts 1 succesfuller!

Parts 2 involveds me jumperings around like a complete mentaller in the backs of the car screamings at Baz to "Go, go, go!", to which I would be awaitings his responser about whats was wrong, "BEAR OUTSIDE" woulds be my scareds and shouties replyer!

So fars so goods, Baz plantereds the pedaller to the metaller and offs we went likes a bat out of hells, woohoo, problems solvered at lasts...!!!

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