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Ugly Adventures #1311 - Maintenancerings Routiner


Mosts of you lovers to checks out the photomagraphs that me and Baz takers from alls over the worlder, while we is out explorerings, buts while it may alls seemer likes it's glitzies and glamouries I can assures you it's mosts certainlies nots!

We doesn't always gets super luckies with perfects weathers, mosts of the photomagraphs that we uploaders has nice blue skys and sunshinerings, buts what you doesn't sees is all the days where we gets to somewheres cool onlies for the sky to opener ups and dumps bucketers after bucketers of rains on us.

Anothers thing you probablies doesn't thinker abouts is justs how much poopers gets onto all our stuffs, not justs our feeties and jacketers, but also's the cameramera equipmenters!  It doesn't matters where we has been offs explorings during the weekender, whethers it be sandies, dusties, rainies or good old sunnies, every Sundays nighter I performs my maintenancerings routiner on alls of our gear to makes sure it's all spickers and spanners ready to goes the next weekender!

This will be my lasts spot of maintenancerings for this tripper to Oregons though, as Baz justs informereds me that we will be flyerings home on Thursdays, woohoo, I gets to go homes to the cookie cave to sees all of my coolers brothers, sisters and cousiners and tellers them abouts all of the cool adventurisations me and Baz has been ons!

I am goings to have to calls Cinko and Wage tomorrows night to reminds them to gets some extra cookies ordereds for my arrivaler on Friday mornings, woohooo, going homies...!!!

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