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Ugly Adventures #1346 - Gets-Fitter-Itis


I can bests explainers today as beings a littler bit "super-weirders", firsts off I expectereds Baz to be offs to work before I wakereds up this mornings, but nopes, he's been workerings from homes today, answerings the telemaphone and writerings documenters and emailers, so I has trieds my besters to stays away froms him so he doesn't go mentallers ats me!

Nexts up, 4 hugers sized boxers arrivers justs before lunch timers, and insiders I finds 4 biggers (and by biggers I meaners big, big, big, biggers) canvaser prints.  That in itselfers may not seems to weirds, buts for some reasoner there was 3 landscapers and then ones of Wage, comes on, you all knows that I is the coolerests ugly around, so I would have expectereds me to be the one featureds in whatevers art gallery Baz is preparings his works for!

And then justs when I didn't thinker that the days could gets any weirders, Wage comes sprinterings outs of his bedroomer wearings some crazy mentallering gets fitter gears.  Lets me putter this into perspectives, Wage is normallies found lyings in bed untils luncher time, then he makers his way to the coucher and sits watchering TV while munchering on cookies, untils it's timers to goes to beds again.  

Gets fitter, nopes, definitelies not normals for Wage, I couldn't justs stands around and not asks what the hell he was ups to.

"Wage, did you fallers out of beds and bangers your heads today?"

"Huff...huff...nopes....huff...why you askering?"

"Justs that you seems to has some kinds of diseaser or somethings, I thinks it maybies gets-fitter-itis!"

"...eightsies...ninesies...tensies...phew, nopes I is in trainerings, as I has somethings big coming ups!"

And that was alls the informanations I coulds get outer of Wage before he jumpereds to his feet, whizzereds through 50 star jumpers and then wents runnering downs the street.

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