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Ugly Adventures #1347 - Holy Wowzers Dot Com


I still hasn't managereds to finds out what Wage was playerings at yesterdays, as when I gets myselfer ups and outs of my beddies this mornings I findereds a note froms Wage that he was offs out for a minis marathoner, I really thinks he has lostereds his minds, completelies, likes one cookie shorts of a tasties snacker!

Anyways, backs to the matters in hand, quite literallies, as today Mireille came homes with what she saids were justs "a coupler of littles things for our firsters christmaser trees livings in the cookie cave all togethers".

I coulds only replies with, "Holy wowzers dot com", and befores you askers, no I doesn't owner thats interwebs domainer, reallies I was tookereds by completes surpriser at whats she unveilereds to me.

A coupler, ha ha, if this is a coupler then I musts remembers to asks her to gets me a coupler of cookies nexts timer I sees her headerings into the kitchener!

All I has to says on the matters is that we is one hundreders percentages goings to have a well dressereds christmaser tree!

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