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Ugly Adventures #1348 - Officialler Ugly Secreters Act


Legallers informanationers firsts...

By orders of the high courters of Uglies backs on Uglyworld, by lookerings at the attachereds imagers and readerings the texts which is containereds heresin you has unoquivocallies agreereds to all termers and conditioners ofs the officialer ugly secreters act.  Any devianimations froms absoluter silence will resulters in the offenderers havings to donates a massivers bagger, boxer, caser or basketer of cookies to Babo, hereafterers knowns as the "master of cookies".

Phews, nows that we has all that legallers informanations outs of the way I betters explainers why it's includereds in todays stories!

What you can sees to my lefties, which is to the righties of alls yous lookerings in from the interwebs land is my christmassy presenter for Baz, a super cools power screwdriverer-drillerer-thingymabobber as I haters to sees the messes of his handies afters he has makereds up all the coolers new furnitures which arrivers here at the cookies cave.

Mumsies is the word ok, mumsies, nots a peeper abouts my presenter froms any of you, as I wanters it to be a biggers surpriser on christmaser day, I can't waiters to sees the lookies on his face!

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