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Ugly Adventures #1389 - The Challenge


Afters speakering with my lawyers again this mornings he confirmeds that Wage had been successfuls in his bid to becomes the "feature" of Baz's photomagraphy projects next year, which wills be a 366 photomagraph event dues to it beings a leapers year nexts year!

I decideds to sees if there was one lasts chancer for me to pippers Wage at the post, so I askereds him if he was ups for a challenge, withs the winner being the one to accompanies Baz on his travellers nexts year.

Wage agreeds to a challenger, the detailers of which is belows:-

Eachers competimitor musts takers parters in 5 discimiplines, withs there beings a clearers winner of each eventer and the firsts competimitor to wins 3 of the 5 eventers will be declareds the winners.

Events Lister

1 - 100 Press Ups
2 - Mental Agilities #1 (Jigsaw Puzzlers)
3 - Cookie Balancing
4 - Mental Agilities #2 (Spotters The Differencers)
5 - 1 Mile Runners

Hopefullies if I doesn't eat too many cookies this evenings and makes sure to gets to bed earliers enough then I can be fully prepareds for tomorrows eventers!

Wishers me luck...!!!

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