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Ugly Adventures #1397 - Hogmanay Streakerings


Oh wells everyone, I triereds my harderests to beats Wage today ins the Challenge, buts very closers to the finisherings line the hammeringstring in my lefters leg wents pop likes I thought only a popperings balloon could does.

Ouchers, boy oh boys did that hurts, but thankfullies it only takereds Wage a minuter or so to realise that something was wrongs and to come and finders me.  He didn't even want to hears any congratumulations, at leasts not untils I had been checkereds out by the locals doctor and gettereds the all clears.

Now thats what friendlies is really likes, and I sure does has a perfecters friendly in Wage!

He even offereds to cheers me up by joinerings me in some final days Hogmanay streakerings, come on and joins in with us, shakes your uglies!!!


p.s. I musts also takes the timer to says a massiver thanks you to everyone who comes and checkereds out all of my maddersness over the lasts year, and I hopes that you will continuer to gives Wage all of the same supports too nexts year.

p.p.s You lot is complete mentallers, thats why we gets on so gooders!!!

p.p.p.s. Wage already tellereds me that I can poppers in to helps him out with his 366 projector any times I like nexts year, so this isn't the lasters you has saw of me, okies!!!

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