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Ugly Adventures #1398 - Hi Everyone


Hi there everyones, just incasers you doesn't know my cheekiers littles smiles already, I'm Wage, and I lives here in Aachen, Germanies with Baz, Mireille and the rests of my ugly relativers.

I musts start off my firsts day of my new projecter by giving a massivers round of applauses to Babo who absolutely kickereds butt every singles day of lasts year in his projecter, I just hopes that I can livers up to the standards he already setted!

As most of you already knows how to undermastand Babo when he talks and tells you stories, then you will has no problems undermastandings me, and if you does then just stops me and askers what I is blabberings on abouts, okay!

I'm really exciteds about all the coolers places that I'm going to get to travels to this year with Baz, he's already shareds a coupler of his plans with me but unfortunatelies I'm sworns to secrecy at the moments or I would tells you all abouts them, I guessers you will just has to keep checkerings back to finds out where we goes and whats we getters up to.

I looks forward to spending the next 366 days withs you all, it's gonna be a massivers load of funs, I promises!

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