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Ugly Adventures #1500 - Waiterings On Easter Sundays


Whiles Baz was overs in the islander a coupler of weekies back to gets his car signereds off for anothers fun year of driverings us on our summerers holidays and other coolers stuff, he managereds to scores a couple of tastiers surprisers.

Todays he givereds me a sneakies peakies at whats these surprisers were, checkers it out, two massivers easter eggies, which he tells me I can choosers one of alls for myselfer.

It's a toughers decisioner, on one handies I has the amazinglies tastiers Munchies, and on the other handies I has the magicals fondanter filled Creme Eggies!

And by the lookers of it I will gets a super coolers new muggie to drinkers my hots chocolaters that I has every nights before goings to beds too!

Rolls on Easter Sundays, as the waiterings is gettering so hards now...but at leasts it meaners that I still has some timers to makes my minders up!

p.s. A massive thank you all for the views, comments and favourites over the last 1500 images of my adventures in uglyworld set (or what should simply be known as the story of the little guys life here with us on Earth), 1500 images, I can't believe it myself!!!  

It's all your feedback on Flickr, the Adventures In Uglyworld blog, Facebook, Google+, and so many other websites out there that makes this so much more fun to do for myself and Mireille!  You guys inspire us to continue, so here's to the next 500 images...!!!

Barry & Mireille.

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