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Ugly Adventures #1501 - Saturdays Super Surprisers


I hads been thinkerings so hards to myselfer about whichers eastering eggie to chooses that I was beginnerings to drivers myself mentallers, so muchers so that I musts have attracters the attentions of Mireille as she askereds me if I would likers to helps tidyings up the kitchener this afternoons.

"Is you craziers, it's a weekender, I doesn't do workies stuffers on a weekender, you knows this!", I tellereds her, but littlers did I know that she was hiderings an ace up her sleevie in anticimapations of my mega predictablers answer!

She replies to me with, "Look what I have here" while shakerings a tastiers Kinders surpriser eggie, "if you help me tidy up just the little breakfast area of the kitchen you can have this tonight, and I promise I won't tell Baz too!".

It takereds me a wholes nanoseconder to makers up my mind, and after rollerings up my sleevies I gots the breakfasters area all tidyereds up in no times at all, and most importantlies, my paymenters for helperings out!

Talks about a Saturdays super surprisers, and a yummies one too!

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