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Ugly Adventures #1526 - Maydays Traditioner In Germanies


Here in Germanies there is a mentallers traditioner that takes places on Maydays, which is justs a fanciers name for sayings that it is the firsters of Maysies.

The traditioner revolvers around boys and girls, and more importantlies the ones who likers each other!

The boy needs to brings his girlyfriend a brancher off of a tree, wrappers up in colourfuls ribboners, and he then placers it in the gardener or on the doorstepper of his girlyfriend to lets her know that he wants to shares his cookies withs her.

On leap yearsies, the roles is often reversereds, withs the girl beings the one to leaves the brancher for the boy!

With me beings a shorters dude, grabberings a big brancher off of a locals tree and draggering it homes to decomarate seems like justs a little bits too much troubler, so insteads I convincereds Mireille to lets me gives Tray ones of her super coolers Tulipers.

I pickereds out the prettierests one of the wholes bunch, it matchers Trays colours perfectlies, and it smellers almosts as good toos!

Once I givers the Tuliper to Tray, hopefullies she will inviters me to goes and dancers around the Maypole withs her...fingers crossereds...

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