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Ugly Adventures #1527 - Belly Painers


You knows when someone tellers you nots to does somethings, and it actually makers you wants to does it evens more?

Sures you does!

Tonights after eaterings dinnerers I askereds Mireille if I could has a bowler of icy creamers, and she saids yes but that I was only allowereds a littlers bit otherwise I would gets belly painers.

"Belly painers, as ifs that could ever happeners", I thinkereds to myself, "We is talkerings about icy creamers, it's mega tastiers so how coulds it ever dealers out some belly painers".

Now here I is lyings, with an emptiers icy creamer tub besiders me and a coupler of wilder dragons fighterings each other insiders of my belly, I wish I hads listenereds to Mireille afters all, she musts have dones the same thing befores to knows what would happens!


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