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Ugly Adventures #1866 - Morals Supporters


After the horriblers truth comings out that snows is justs freezereds waters I has stayereds well clears of it untils today.  My gooders buddies Wage and Tray convincereds me that snow is super duper safes and that as long as the temperatures stayereds well belows freezering, then there was no chancers of it turnerings to water.

At firsts I was scepticals, but eventuallies after Tray suggestereds that they comes outsiders withs me I givereds in and grabbereds my sledger.

Does you knows what?  They is completelies right, I is haverings so much funs sledgering in the snow again this afternoons, there is nothings at all to be afraids of outs here in the snows.  

I thinks this could be one of the mosts fun days I has hads so far this years!

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